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Taipeir, I even have not heard one single individual from China say that Taiwan individuals were unfriendly. I typed in “Are Korean People pleasant to foreigners” in Google search and browse “Koreans are the rudest individuals.” Then I typed in “Are individuals in Taiwan friendly to foreigners” and browse your story.

Usually the ones which have horror tales are caught up and ignorant to the native people, just hanging around with different foreigners causing bother. Clearly the women I met weren’t cold and unapproachable in their behaviour in direction of me. I didn’t once speak about how the locals smiled at me, and that that made them friendly — how can that be a problem with my article if I didn’t write anything about it?

No one speaks to each other casually; they’re simply on their mobiles or pretending to be asleep. As a Taiwanese person, it was very touching to read about your optimistic experience in Taiwan. I think I tend to take issues without any consideration after I am a part of that culture, so it was very refreshing to see another person’s experience.

I’m not saying that only Taiwanese individuals are friendly, of course, I’m simply saying that as a traveller, I’ve not had a single negative interaction there, from over two months spent travelling in the nation. And that’s never happened anywhere else to me (I’ve visited 50 countries over the previous four years). I agree that being friendly isn’t based mostly on boundaries or ethnicities, but my experiences in Taiwan were a lot more constructive than in some other nation I’ve visited. For example, in China, I was scammed, folks spat on me, taxi drivers by no means stopped for me, people shoved me to the ground, and I can’t consider a single friendly interplay I had with an area. I simply to say that being friendly, nice and useful to your fellow human being has no boundaries, nationality nor ethnicity.

50 years of exhausting Japanese influence, like additionally it is in (North ? and) South Korea. At first, I thought I did something mistaken culturally to make the people I met so distant, however I found my story repeated and heard from many other expats.

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I spoke as an alternative about how they took time off work to indicate me around their nation, bought me presents, and tried to pay for me. Or how they took hours out of their day to assist me when I was lost with no ulterior motive. Or that they invited me into their homes for a festival so that I wouldn’t need to spend it alone. I didn’t come to my conclusion that the Taiwanese had been friendly as a result click this site of they smiled at me — however instead by the sheer kindness I proven by every single particular person I met within the country. Nobody tried to benefit from me, no person walked all over me, no one was unapproachable. I’m sorry when you had the other expertise to me, but that doesn’t imply you must describe a complete inhabitants as racist.

I had an identical experience to share; I went to Taiwan earlier this year and at the time I didn’t have a telephone card so I needed to get my Internet from wireless. Unfortunately my phone was locked so I needed to remotely unlocked through Internet chat from Rogers .

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In fact I have heard and read plenty of constructive feedback about people in Taiwan, not only from western guests but from visitors from the mainland China. Taiwanese like to see themselves as pleasant, however I even have my doubts they are going to be so pleasant to Filipinos, Thais, mainland Chinese, poor individuals generally.

I stumbled throughout your wonderful site today and on studying by way of various posts I came across this one relating to the kindness of the Taiwanese individuals. Actually as a Korean, I was shocked on the kind treatment I obtained. Yeah the Taiwanese aren’t so pleasant to Mainlanders but there is a good reason to that since Chinese tourists have a really bad rep in that country. Out of all of the countries I actually have visited in Asia, Taiwan could be the nation the place I was treated one of the best and I skilled no racism there in comparison with China and Japan. The locals did their best to make me really feel welcome and are very eager to know extra about my country.

On the island of Amami I met the friendliest and most useful individuals. One couple pulled over and the lady dashed across the road and requested me if I needed a lift. On one other day when it was raining heavily a girl pulled over to the alternative aspect of the highway, on which I was strolling and asked if I was ok and was going to provide me her umbrella. I liked your comment — thanks so much for shining some gentle on Taiwanese culture.

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I met women simply I’m still friends with today in Guangzhou, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Zhengzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, etc. And I’m speaking most are just genuine friendships, platonic relationships. Some say it’s as a result of Taiwan has become extra developed and it follows the social detachment sample of different developed nations. But that’s not entirely the case for Hong Kong and Singapore have friendlier populations, the place even flirting and romancing is far extra acceptable publicly. Taiwan unfriendly vibe mimics developed Japan’s similar apathetic society.

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